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急速赛车彩票平台:Fund company pushes 18 product layouts MSCI

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内容摘要: The pace of integration of A-shares into the MSCI index is getting closer, and the size of the publicly funded subject funds is also large....

The pace of integration of A-shares into the MSCI index is getting closer, and the size of the publicly funded subject funds is also large. During the year, 12 fund companies reported, issued or established 18 MSCI index products.

18Product layout MSCI

A shares entered the global market and entered a countdown. In accordance with the schedule, the MSCI Emerging Markets Index today announced the results of the semi-annual index adjustment. The first batch of more than 200 A-share listed companies will become MSCI Emerging Markets Index constituents and will be formally included on June 1.

data show that there are already eight fund companies set up eight MSCI thematic funds. The size of the initial launch reflects that this type of fund is very popular with the market, with a total issued size of 19.248 billion yuan and an average share of more than 2.4 billion yuan.

Before this year, there were only two MSCI index funds, Huaan MSCI China A and Huaxia MSCI China A ETF. The former was transformed from the Shanghai SSE 180 Enhanced Index Fund. Huaxia MSCI China A shares was established in February 2015. It is the first on the market only MSCI China ETF. Since

enter 2018, MSCI theme fund distribution speed, as of May 11, the South, investment, Hua Tai Borui, CCB, Invesco Great Wall, the highest gold a letter six mutual fund companies each set up a MSCI thematic funds. In addition, Pingan Dahua MSCI China A-Share International ETF, Southern MSCI China A-Share ETF Link and other funds are in issuance; 9 MSCI Theme Funds submitted by 8 companies including Xinhua, Taiping and China Gold are pending approval.

South China chief strategist a brokerage analyst that, A-share market into the MSCI index will bring incremental funding of foreign investment, the value of stocks leading the main direction of foreign configuration, the market is expected to become the main subject of such shares in the foreign market .

value investing ideas treat MSCI thematic funds

The brokerage chief strategist believes that June A shares will be formally incorporated into the MSCI index, by this drive, the A-share related to the subject of money is expected to get a better stage effect, but the future The overall rate of return will still return to the trend of the economic cycle itself. Foreign investment focuses on fundamental analysis, valuation, and profit analysis. Currently, the valuation of Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 is high in history, and the economic pressure is greater, and the positive impact may be less than expected. In addition, the rise of emerging market indices is not small, weakening the A-shares' inclusion. After the upside space.

A person in charge of a large-scale public investment and quantitative investment department in Beijing also believes that A-shares are expected to continue the style of Baima shares in the past two years. The treatment of the MSCI theme fund should be considered as a value investment. The catalytic impact of the short-term event may be, but in the long run, it still depends on the favorable effect brought by the internationalization of RMB assets. Bank . Non-banking finance and real estate accounted for relatively high and relatively more benefit. Considering that the growth of such sectors has been large in the past year, the stagnant medical biology field is expected to benefit from policy improvement and fundamental improvement.

"To buy MSCI funds, first look at whether their investment style matches them. Such funds are value investment and fundamental investment, and investors should have a higher tolerance for short-term market fluctuations. At the same time, investors are advised to pay attention to this type of investment. The constituent stocks of the fund need to be cautious if there are more consumer boards allocated. If there are many fields of pharmaceutical biology, new materials, etc. in the medium-term trend, the future may track the pace of economic cycles and industrial upgrading. The fund may have better Performance," said the person in charge of quantitative investment.





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